Friday, October 12, 2007

What will Cheryl Haskins do with her pile of cash?

Out of all the candidates for Renton City Council, Cheryl Haskins seems to have the fewest campaign signs posted around town. Odd, since she's collected over FOUR TIMES the amount of money as her opponent. I saw her giant billboard with her smiling face while driving along Airport Way the other day, which (ironically) led to my in-depth research on her on her campaign. I suppose that billboard alone cost a pretty penny. But what exactly is she saving the rest of her money for? TV ads? Print ads? A direct mail campaign? Any of those options could provide her with a massive competitive edge over her opponent, and that's why I'm committed to getting the truth out about her politics. Whatever it takes, I will counter every strategic move she makes. A direct mail campaign of my own? You never know.

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