Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another concrete example of Cheryl Haskins' divisive politics

Earlier this year, three Bellevue city workers (two firefighters and a 911 dispatcher) sued the city to obtain the same benefits for their partners as their heterosexual spouses enjoy. The city eventually changed its policy, and the lawsuit was dropped. Not surprisingly, Cheryl Haskins and her anti-gay organization staunchly opposed the lawsuit. Read about it here.


racorman said...

Very interesting article. She does seem too extreme for Renton. We have city employees and many citizens that are part of the LGBT community.

I hope your readers know that my choice for Mayor, Denis Law, has endorsed King Parker (Ms. Haskins opponent) for this council seat. Denis's opponent, Kathy Keolker, has not made an endorsement in this race.

Councilman Randy Corman

Renton Citizen said...

Thanks, Randy. Denis Law personally affirmed his support of gay & lesbian citizens in a heartfelt email to me, which nearly brought me to tears. We are very fortunate to have him as a pillar of our community.

Someone also forwarded an email to me from King Parker, in which indicated that he is a firm believer in individual rights, and would never tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

Have I been bamboozled? The article that was very scathing about Ms. Haskings that was in the Renton Reporter. The Renton Reporter was formerly owned by Denis Law who is endorsing King Parker (Ms. Haskins opponent)....seems a little suspicious to me........
u sure u are not affiliated with Parker's campaign?

Renton Citizen said...

No, as I said before, I am not affiliated with King Parker's campaign -- or any other campaign -- in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I've specifically avoided contact with King Parker to avoid the impression of impropriety.

The only scandal here is that Cheryl Haskins is apparently trying to buy her way onto the city council with money from fundamentalist outsiders. Does that not concern you?