Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Updated Total: $51,882.60 and 95.1%

As anticipated, a few additional contributions to Cheryl Haskins' campaign were reported today, bringing the new total of her named contributions to $51,882.60. None of the additional contributions were from Renton residents, and the new percentage of contributions from outside the city is now 95.1%.

Meanwhile, King Parker's total named contributions have risen to a respectable $10,340. Wow, that's what... 1/5th of Cheryl Haskins' contributions? The percentage of Parker's contributions from Renton residents and businesses is exactly 70% (more if you consider Boeing to be Renton company; its $500 contribution is recorded as coming from Seattle).

Note: if you look up King Parker's contributions on the PDC website, be sure to enter 2007 for the year; he ran for mayor in 2003, and the contributions for that campaign need to be filtered out from the results.

I ask again: just what will Cheryl Haskins do with all her money?

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