Monday, October 29, 2007

Now that's what I call SPIN!

Well, we know that the $8,750 in PR work donated to Cheryl Haskins' campaign was used for something. In a "straight talk" letter (curious choice of words) posted on the front page of her website, Cheryl Haskins attempts to inflate her community service record and defend her ridiculously massive campaign funding, 95% of which has come from outside of Renton:

Although I am new to politics, I have been active in community service for two decades on a state, regional, and local level. Campaigns take resources, especially when your name is not recognized within the broader community. Like anyone would, I went first to the people who "know" me and asked for the seed resources to jump-start my campaign. It is that simple. No agenda. That is exactly who helped me get started: My parents, friends, family, fellow-alumni, and associates, etc.

Uh-huh. She fails to point out that a huge percentage of her contributions have come from members and elders of the very conservative City Church in Kirkland, where her husband is an Associate Pastor. No agenda there!

"New to politics?" Perhaps Cheryl Haskins has never held elected office, but her public opposition to gay rights legislation certainly qualifies as political. How could someone who testified in front of the state Senate against this year's domestic partnership bill be considered "new to politics?"

Cheryl Haskins has virtually no record of volunteerism, civic leadership, or endorsements from within Renton proper. This, from someone who says that she has lived in Renton for ten of the past fifteen years. You'd think that such a civic-minded person would have established a record for herself on the city level during that period. But then again, we're talking about someone whose recent career has consisted of leading efforts against any protections for gay people in Washington State, not working to address issues of critical importance to Renton, like traffic, development, and public safety.

As a reader said in earlier comments...
I'm old school, I believe that people who want to serve the public should be involved in the community they want to serve. Even the most biased of you out there have to admit that King Parker beats her on that front 10 times over. Look at her endorsements and look at his - the proof is in the pudding.

Cheryl Haskins' bowl of pudding is mysteriously absent.


Ben said...

Pro-Haskins, stop-smearing-Cheryl, no-one-cares-if-you're-gay comments in 3! 2! 1!


Seriously, I find this post totally straightforward and clear. I don't think it's a smear. I think it neatly summarizes all that's gone on at, and the rational argument against Cheryl Haskins.

Rationale Person said...

This is why I hate politics. The author of the blog is a vindictive, mean spirited activist, who choses to attack, someones religion and views that do not meet their narrow definition. Instead of your mudslinging, articulate why you are for someone, instead of dragging the other candidate through the mud. This has all the same footprints that orginazations like employ, politics of personal destruction by any means possible. Instead of gay stuff, that is not part of this, lets talk about;

• Continued economic devepopment, are we going to fast?
• Highlands development, what do we do about afordable housing in the area, while ensuring we as community are not wasting the potential value of the land as a tax base
• Criminal activity- (Driving around Renton High School and the Transit center is frightening
• Encouraging and making sure down town area is given a chance to grow, with, and not instead of, the Landing.

These are the types of issues that we should be questioning both Cheryl & King.

Renton Citizen said...

I think this is the first time in my life I've ever been called "meanspirited" and "vindictive."

Rather than responding to this person's points *again* (they've left many, many similar comments), I urge everyone to read through the all the comments associated with my earlier postings. You'll see that I have addressed all of the issues this particular person raises.

I completely agree that we need to be asking the candidates those types of questions. I just don't think Cheryl Haskins should be running for city council.

Rationale Person said...

You are, in a nice way. Your comments betray your motive. You agree the issue outlined are important to discuss, but you eliminate someone based on your disproval of a political a issue that has nothing to do with these issues (yes, I have gone through your blogs) If she proves more adept at making a Renton viable for decades than King, that would be the reason I would vote for her.

Your choice is simple, apply political correct standards, and accept that Renton, future would be compromised on poor economic growth decision, or not. (I realize I am projecting the economic issue to her advantage, but that my friend should be the debate!)

Renton Citizen said...

Well, if you're unable to understand the validity of my (and others') issues with Cheryl, then we really have nothing further to discuss. I've never asked that people agree with me, only that they're aware of what Cheryl has been involved in, and where the bulk of her campaign money is coming from.