Monday, October 29, 2007

Just what is Cheryl Haskins' group trying to hide?

A reader alerted me to the fact that Cheryl Haskins' anti-gay marriage organization, Allies for Marriage and Children, has completely redone its website, leaving all but one page present. It has also removed all references to Cheryl Haskins, its Executive Director, as well as the bulk of the information the site once contained.

Did they really think I wasn't prepared for such a move?

Fortunately, there's something called the "Way Back Machine" at the Internet Archive, which maintains archival copies of most websites, including the Allies for Marriage and Children site. Click here to see all archived versions of the group's former website. That's former, as in "yesterday." I wonder what could have prompted such a sudden move?

Most of the pages were archived this past April when Cheryl Haskins was the Executive Director. Click on the links below to view the pages:

Join Us
Talking Points
Media Center

In case the archived pages disappear, I've also saved everything as PDFs. I love technology.

Of course, the question everyone should be asking is, why did the organization feel the need to gut its website today? Was it afraid of people – the voters of Renton – finding out what Cheryl Haskins has really been up to for the past 18 months?

Feel free to make your own assessments about the "Allies" group, but remember: they aren't just opposed to gay marriage, they're opposed to any form of domestic partnership protections and anti-discrimination laws to protect gay people.

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JimW said...

Thanks for revealing the latest efforts by Cheryl Haskins to hide the real facts about her organization “Allies for Marriage and Children.” As painful and infuriating as it was, I just reviewed the archived pages. It is clear to me why they deleted these from their site. They are filled with simple-sounding statements that, on the surface, might appear reasonable but if you dig just beneath the surface you will find gross inaccuracies and unfounded conclusions.

In their effort to provide “Talking Points” they say they oppose same-sex marriage because, “Marriage by definition is the union of a man and woman; it is a timeless institution that has transcended every culture and nation.”

As in all of their arguments, they forget that the definition of Marriage is not a timeless institution. Every Nation and Culture defined Marriage differently - - from promoting arranged marriages for little children - to allowing multiple wives for some husbands. In this country, it was not that long ago when women were nothing more than “chattel” for a husband. Women had no property rights - - let alone a right to vote.

These “Talking Points” are truly offensive. I am disheartened to think they are preached from the pulpit, but I am frightened to think they are used to divide our community into “us and them” categories. I am at a loss to understand the motivation behind such hateful actions.

I realize this election is not about same-sex marriage but I understand that the Republican Party’s stated objective is to put into place Party loyalists into “ every level of elective office, to include non-partisan positions.” I hope Renton is better than that.