Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Haskins-Hutcherson Connection

People continue to question why I'm using the word "extreme" to describe Cheryl Haskins' politics, when her Allies for Marriage and Children organization seems so benign, in a warm and fuzzy, family values kind of way. Let me put this delicately: Wake up, people!

Those of you who are still questioning the credibility of my warnings about Cheryl Haskins need to read this article from Tuesday's Seattle Times. The article describes how a virulently anti-gay local minister (and former Seahawk), Ken Hutcherson, is speaking at a conference of anti-gay extremists in Lynnwood this weekend. And we're not talking warm and fuzzy here... the group's name is "Watchmen on the Walls." Does that sound benevolent to you? Apparently, Ken Hutcherson is a leader of the group.

After reading the article, do a Google search for "Ken Hutcherson and Aaron Haskins," and see what comes up. I realize that Aaron Haskins isn't running for city council, but his wife's campaign is essentially being funded by leaders and members of his church in Kirkland. The connection between Ken Hutcherson and the Haskins is alarming.

UPDATE - 10/19/07, 10:26 PM:

The connection between Ken Hutcherson and Aaron Haskins is closer than I thought. They sit on the Board of Directors of the "Sound the Alarm" organization, which was formed to overturn our state's anti-discrimination protections for gay people, enacted in 2006. They enlisted Tim Eyman to gather signatures for a state referendum on the issue. Fortunately, they didn't get enough signatures to get it on the ballot, but don't underestimate their resolve.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl Haskins has ZERO previous connection to activities, interests, citizenship, or organizations in Renton - until the day she decided to run for council and starting raising money outside of Renton. She has demonstrated ZERO sincere interest in the city. She has her own agenda and it isn't about Renton.

WA4ever said...

The Haskins' were invested in youth athletics in Renton back when our kids were all growing up. Their conduct toward the kids and families envolved was cordial and sincere - I remember it all this many years later. Cheryl Haskins should not be doubted or falsely accused.