Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanks, Dan Gannon!

This letter to the editor appeared in today's edition of the Renton Reporter:

[click to enlarge]Dan makes a valid point: simply holding the view that marriage should be defined as "a covenant made between a woman and a man" does not make one "extreme." However, when a person makes it her career to challenge any form of government-sanctioned protections for gay and lesbian people, that definitely qualifies as extreme, in my opinion – especially in the Puget Sound area. The polls that Dan refers to do not address support for domestic partnership legislation, and were not conducted in Renton. More importantly, when someone's campaign for a local, non-partisan office is 94.5% funded by outside interests, is that not an extreme example of outsiders trying to influence our local politics?

Keep those letters to the editor coming! It seems that a healthy (albeit contentious) debate on Cheryl Haskins' politics is finally taking place.

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Ben said...

Not only that, but talk about misleading! Mr. Poole's letter was not about one issue. It was about Haskins's whole focus and attitude.

Way to miss the point, Mr. Gannon.