Saturday, November 3, 2007

CALL TO ACTION: Help put up signs

Most of the signs I put up around town have gone missing, but I still have quite a few left -- maybe 100 or so out of the original 250. Please email me at if you'd be interested in picking up signs to post around town this weekend. Areas of particular focus are the Highlands, downtown, Rainier Ave, Talbot Hill, and North Renton. It'd be best if you have your own staple gun and hammer. Even putting up just five or ten signs would make a difference.

I'm concerned that people with less than honorable intentions might try to take advantage of this situation, so if I don't personally know you, I ask that you provide me with a local reference, preferably someone within the GLBT community, or someone who's been supportive of progressive issues. Sorry for the paranoia, but I apparently need to be concerned about such things now.

A special note to the Haskins campaign: I am not requesting financial contributions from anyone, nor "in kind" contributions, so please don't waste more taxpayer money by filing another PDC complaint against me, OK?

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Renton Citizen said...

Sorry, I just accidentally deleted the following comments from "Joseph":

THANKS so much for yout efforts

Now it's up to the Voters and maybe JESSUS to save us from this wacko