Saturday, November 3, 2007

More bad press for Cheryl Haskins

From today's Seattle Times:

Critic of Renton City Council candidate now complies with campaign rules, agency says
By Cara Solomon
Seattle Times South King County reporter

The state Public Disclosure Commission confirmed Friday that a Renton resident who is an outspoken critic of City Council candidate Cheryl Haskins is now in compliance with campaign laws.

Haskins filed a complaint with the commission Wednesday, arguing Kevin Poole should have filed with the PDC as a political committee. A spokeswoman for the commission said Friday that while the political-committee designation didn't fit Poole, he still misunderstood other PDC rules. Once informed, he made the necessary changes.

"I feel like the complaint against me was really intended to intimidate me," Poole said.

Haskins said she wanted only to see Poole comply with the law. She is running against former Councilmember King Parker.

Also Friday, the Renton Police Department said it had dropped an inquiry into a stolen sign backing Haskins. Police determined the large sign had actually been taken by a Haskins supporter.

Haskins also had complained earlier to the police that hundreds of her signs were stolen or defaced by stickers opposing her candidacy. That complaint remains open, police said.

Haskins said she doesn't think Poole took her signs but that she is concerned about the stickers, which she says feature language from his Web site.

Poole said he knew nothing about the stickers.

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As of 7:30 AM this morning, Cheryl Haskins' website had not been updated to reflect the new information. I encourage readers to respectfully contact her campaign and request that they remove any mention of the bogus PAC complaint to the PDC against me, as well as any mention of the sign stealing, since we know that her own supporter's action is what prompted the campaign to file a police report.

Also, as this latest article indicates, I really do not know what this allegation of "stickers" is all about. Are they talking about my leaflet, which was once available for download in electronic format? Or are they talking about actual stickers, as in, Hello Kitty and scratch & sniff? I have not seen any such stickers, nor do I know anything about them. If someone chose to make them on their own, then that's hilarious! But it's not good if they were used to deface Cheryl's signs. There's no need to try suppress anyone's message – the truth is working just fine.

Finally, can someone please tell the Haskins campaign that my moniker has never been "anonymous citizen?" It was (and is) "Renton Citizen." Sounds like the Haskins campaign needs a fact-checker (and a spell-checker, for that matter).

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