Wednesday, November 7, 2007


UPDATE: Wed. 10 a.m.: Cheryl Haskins has conceded defeat in a statement posted on her website. In the statement, she indicates that this campaign only marked the beginning of her political career. One can hope that any future political ambitions on her part will involve running for partisan offices as a conservative Republican, rather than for local, non-partisan offices. In any case, I'm happy to see that she has graciously conceded defeat.


As of 1:04 a.m., with 100% of the precincts reporting in and 46% of the total vote counted, King Parker is leading Cheryl Haskins by 59.2% to 40.6%, or 1,188 votes. Statistically, that represents an insurmountable lead at this stage in the game, and it's therefore safe to call King Parker the winner of Renton City Council Position #5. (I feel like CNN, without the dramatic music and fancy graphics.)

Marcie Palmer and Don Persson have retained their seats on the City Council, and Greg Taylor is now the newest council member. In addition, it appears that Denis Law will be the new mayor of Renton, having captured almost 55% of the vote in his race against incumbent Kathy Keolker.

Boy, am I sure glad I aligned myself with the right group of people! And such nice people they've turned out to be.

Congratulations to all the winning candidates! I'll obviously have more information and commentary later today (Wed.).

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JimW said...

Dear RC (and others who contributed to the constructive dialogue):

I have watched this race with great interest and I have come to this blog often to read the views of its contributors. Of special interest were comments from Cheryl Haskins suppporters who often referred to their "heartfelt" feelings about the issues raised - - but indicated that, somehow, they could overlook these issues because of other "charitable" qualities of the candidate.

Yes, Cheryl Haskins might be kind to small children and pets, but her anti-gay activism clearly demonstrates she will work to deny simple basic civil rights to a small group of her constituents.

For me, this totally disqualifies her for any public office. I am very glad that this Blog exposed her for what she is. Someone who is willing to divide our community and marginalize a group of people deserving the same rights that she and her husband enjoy.

For a job well done - - CONGRATULATIONS!!